Toenail cutting in the comfort of your own home. Gentle and caring. 1300 885 972

Are you cut out for this career opportunity? There’s no experience needed but this franchise business is not right for everyone.

The Pedi People is run by Melissa Harrison and Karen Farquhar, two business mums with years of experience in the corporate and healthcare sectors. Together they’ve developed a 17-year-old business into a professional mobile toenail cutting and foot care franchise.

“Sure, toenail cutting is a little left of centre, but what an invaluable service we provide” explains Harrison. “It helps people stay mobile longer, relieves discomfort, and helps them to maintain independence in their own homes. Clients also enjoy and benefit the social side of visits.

“Our 30 minute visit every six weeks can positively change an isolated, housebound person for the better.”

Last year after rebranding the business, The Pedi People introduced extra services such as medi pedicures and manicures which have expanded their client base by a 50 per cent.

“Now we offer more relaxing and luxurious treatments for anyone who loves to keep their feet and hands looking beautiful. We are finding that pre and postpartum mums who are housebound are loving our service, along with time poor ladies who run their businesses from home”.

Each Pedi People franchise costs $49,950 plus training and equipment.

According to the franchisors, franchisees can expect a return on their investment within 12-18 months and the business offers the potential to achieve turnover of more than $100,000.

“We keep the cost of buying into one of our franchises low so as to be accessible to those on a budget or those with families”, explains Farquhar, who bought a franchise in the network in 2015.

“When our franchisees are motivated and confident running their own business, it’s a win win for all of us.”

The Pedi People have partnered with training organisations to provide technical training so a franchisee’s business can be up and running within six to eight weeks.

The program consists of a nationally recognised qualification, intensive on the job training, personalised one-on-one education, training in dealing with older and disabled clients and a Small Business Success course by the Business School for Mums.

The Pedi People concept was Harrison’s brainchild; in 2000 she launched the business as The Toenail People with her now ex-husband and built the model to nearly 20 units along the eastern seaboard.

Now there are seven franchises in the re-branded, re-modelled system, with four territories sold in Sydney and one in Canberra and Queanbeyan over the last 15 months.

“We already had existing franchises in Brisbane and Gold Coast and next year we have our sights set on an additional 15 new franchises across Australia”, says Harrison.