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Veronica Vos, The Pedi People Brisbane East Franchisee

The Pedi People’s soon to be retiring, longest standing franchisee

“I became a franchisee back in 2006, so 12 years ago.

At the time I had five teenage children and it was exactly what I needed. I had flexibility to pick them up from school and be there for their events. It was easy enough to learn and I liked that it was something different. I was getting out and about and meeting people, not stuck in an office from nine to five.

I’ve met some extraordinary people along the way. One client I’ve been seeing for years has an Order Of Australia medal for his work with underprivileged youth and disadvantaged schools. He’s well into his 70’s now with a very bad back but still amazing. It’s such a shame how we as a society put people in categories, old, disabled, less abled. We underestimate how involved many of them are in their community, some of them are quite busy people.

On average, I see about six to eight clients a day, but easily up to 10 or 12 on busy ones. Once you’re confident about calculating travel distances and times between visits you get into a routine and become quite a pro at scheduling your days.

Outside of client hours, I probably spend an hour on the weekend doing admin, looking through my notes, and doing rebookings. Of course there’s the quarterly paperwork for the accountant but these are things that come hand in hand with being in your own boss.

The Pedi People has been a good income earner for me and my family. One year I took all five kids up to Hamilton Island. That’s what’s great about this business, you are the engineer of how it will go. You can take time when you need it and then advertise when you need more clientele.

Of course, like any business, it does take hard work and dedication, but you are buying into a system so you do have people to ring up should there be questions or if you are not coping with something. It’s teamwork and it works well. Of course, after 11 years I don’t have many questions but there is support and assistance if I need it.

I’m hanging up my apron soon but Would do it over again? Absolutely!”

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