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We aim to make toenail cutting a pleasurable experience!

Are you podiatrists?
No we are NOT Podiatrists. We are qualified and trained to cut toenails and fingernails only. We cannot cut everyones toenails… sometimes we refer clients who need specialist help to their local Podiatrist or Doctor.
Do you treat in-grown toenails or remove corns?
No, we don’t. We leave all the complicated stuff to Podiatrists and Doctors. We remove dead skin and make your feet feel wonderful…as well as giving you’re a professional toenails cut.
How much does it cost?

Our prices are listed on the services page but can vary from State to State.  Please check with your local Pedi People team member at the time of booking.  You can pay by cash and credit card. Receipts are given upon request. Companies and organisations can be invoiced for our services.

I have an NDIS package, can I claim the cost of your services?

If you self manage your NDIS package, we will give you a receipt and you can claim the cost of our services against your package.  For more information check the NDIS page > HERE

Medicare & Health Funds
We are a gap in between services. Unfortunately, at this time you CANNOT claim the cost of our services on your health fund or medicare/EPC… we’re working on it.
How long does it take?

It takes approximately 15-40 minutes from start to finish (basic toenail cutting) depending on your individual needs and dependent on the service you have chosen. The first visit can sometimes take a little longer as we liken it to a “spring clean”.

Is your toenail cutting equipment sterile?
Yes. Your health is of paramount importance! All our toenail and fingernail cutting equipment has been sterilised in accordance with your States Public Health Regulations. All reusable equipment is disinfected by washing/scrubbing, then rinsing and drying. It is then packaged and sterilised using an Autoclave or bench top steriliser (AS 2182-1998 Sterilisers – Steam – Benchtop). Sterile packaging is opened just prior to cutting your toenails or fingernails. All towels are single use per client and washed in hot water.
What if I have diabetes or am on blood thinners?
We have diabetic clients. We also have clients who are taking blood thinning medication. It is very rare that your toes would be nicked or injured but we do not take risks with your health – make sure you check with your medical professional if you are unsure. All our products are diabetic friendly and suitable for pre and post partum mums.
When can you visit me?
When you call, we arrange a suitably convenient time for both of us. When we make your appointment, we give a 2 hour time window. Most of the time we are on time, but sometimes we get delayed and we then call you to let you know.
Other important stuff you may want to know
Yes, we are comprehensively insured. Yes, we have current police checks. Yes, we have current first aid certificates. Our equipment is professional and sharp. We uphold the highest standards of customer service. If you have any improvements we can make to our service, please call us on 1300 885 972