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Franchise Frequently Asked Questions

Below are our most frequently asked questions and our answers about our franchise.  We’d love to hear from you if you’re interested in joining our franchise family.

What is franchising?
Franchising is not a business itself, but a way of doing business.


It is essentially a marketing concept – an innovative method of distributing goods and services. It is also an extremely successful and rapidly growing aspect of Australia’s small business sector.

Franchising is a business relationship in which the franchisor (the owner of the business providing the product or service) assigns to independent people (the franchisees) the right to market and distribute the franchisor’s goods or service, and to use the business name for a fixed period of time. The International Franchise Association defines franchising as a “continuing relationship in which the franchisor provides a licensed privilege to do business, plus assistance in organising training, merchandising and management in return for a consideration from the franchisee”.

“Franchising” is used to describe a number of business models, the most commonly identified of which is “business format franchising”.

This is an excerpt from the Franchise Council of Australia.

Are you members of the Franchise Council of Australia?
The Pedi People is proudly a member of the FCA, which is the peak body for Australian Franchising.
How much does a Pedi People franchise cost?

$34,599 per territory. Full turnkey business. All inclusive package for the for 6 months.

How long is the Franchise Agreement for?
The franchise agreement term is 5 years.  You can renew after 5 years if you wish for a small fee.
What Is the Licence Fee?
The Licence is 10% of your gross sales per week.    The Licence fee includes the use of all The Pedi People property (trademarks and intellectual), proven systems, marketing expertise, national advertising and ongoing support.
Is there really a need for this service?
Yes, there is. This service is used by not only elderly people but people that are vision impaired, have arthritis, have had a stroke, have had an operation i.e. hip replacement, knee replacement, are overweight, are disabled, those who have balance issues and just those people that would like a bit of a pamper every now and again.
What exactly will my role involve as a new franchise owner?
Franchise owners must be willing to follow The Pedi People business system and operations manuals and have that drive and motivation to move forward and build a fantastic business.  We know our business inside out.  We have spent years perfecting our franchise system and our successful franchisees are a testament to this!
How long does the business take to build up?
Depends on your level of commitment to your new franchise.  The first 12 months are a critical period in the franchise, the more advertising/promoting that is done the more business will come in. One of our new franchises increased their client base by 95% in 3.5 months by just following our proven franchise system.
What are the ongoing costs?
The ongoing costs to the Pedi People are your Licence Fee paid on a weekly basis.   Other ongoing expenses are like any business with consumables, products, fuel/car maintenance and operational costs such as telephone and internet.
How much training will I receive and what will it cost?
The Pedi People franchises are full turnkey businesses, which means that once you pay your franchise fee of $32,499, there is nothing more to pay.  Everything is included.


The training includes:

  • Nationally Accredited courses specific to our franchise
  • Small Business Success course – Business School for Mums
  • Administration aspects of owning and running your own business
  • On the job training
  • Ongoing ffranchisedevelopment program
What if I don't have much confidence or experience?
Our job as the franchise owner is to support you, help build your skills and confidence and support you to be the best you can be in your Pedi People business.  Many of our franchisees come to us with only limited confidence in their ability to cut toenails and run their own business. But, why would it be any other way? This is not a business you have experience in yet, so how can you know how well you will do it?


You may be low in confidence, but what you will have is a drive to improve, a desire to meet people, and an enthusiasm to create more success in your own life through making a difference for others. These are the qualities we notice our franchisees possess!

We are seeking dedicated people with a passion for caring. Ideally, they also possess initiative, integrity, and ambition.

How much could I end up earning?
Your earning potential and your level of gross income will depend upon a range of factors including the effort and energy you put into your business. We can provide projected earnings for you, we can provide a financial modelling tool, and key information to allow you to do your due diligence and set earnings targets to support your lifestyle. We will provide as much information as we can so that you are fully informed about your territory and target market inside that territory. We can fully disclose potential profitability under the Confidentiality Agreement including return on investment, hiring staff if necessary and much more.
Who are your competitors?
There are no direct competitors to the business we fall in between the gap of a podiatrist and pedicurist. We are a household trusted brand.  Clients and health provider love our service.  Like any business other people can start, but if you follow our proven system with customer relations then the customers will remain loyal to you.
How many clients do the other franchisees have?
Out of the current franchisees operating, the number of clients ranges from 100 to 400 clients depending on the level of commitment from the franchisee and where they are on their franchise journey.
How soon can I start?
From when you call to when you can start the business, it will be somewhere between 4 to 6 weeks depending on how motivated you are.
What else is included?
There is a comprehensive operations manual.  We help you develop your marketing plans outside of the advertising that is already included. We conduct national advertising campaigns and employ a social media specialist to help you manage your Facebook page. We conduct regular business and budget planning sessions with you along with business health checks to ensure you are growing your client database and rebooking your clients. We also have access to a bookkeeper who understands our business intimately.
What If this business doesn't work for me?
Like all things in life worth having, there is no guarantee this will work for you. There is, however, a complete system that when followed has been proven to be successful.

Ask yourself, what are the moments you feel most proud of in your life? Was it when the opportunity was easy to achieve? Or was it when you had to stretch yourself a little in some way, and because of this you learned that you had more in you than you realized!

Success without fulfillment is a failure. Fulfillment comes through growing and contributing to others. This is one of the reasons why this business is so popular.

What do I do next to become a Pedi People franchise owner?
Talk to us.  You can call either Melissa or Karen on 1300 885 972.  You will be sent a confidentiality agreement and application form.  Complete and return these documents to get the ball rolling on your new Pedi People franchise.
What sort of earnings can someone expect if they work school hours?
We are mums.  We have worked part-time school hours and fully supported our business and our families.  We can fully disclose potential profitability under the Confidentiality Agreement including return on investment, hiring staff if necessary and much more.
Can I make my own hours?
Of course, you can.  You are the boss!  You can decide how you want to run your business and what hours you will see clients.
What if I decide not to proceed after I have paid the deposit?
If you decide not to proceed without signing the franchise agreement within the 14 day cooling off period, your deposit will be returned within 7 days less $500 reasonable document preparation costs.
Where can I find out more information about franchising?
The Franchise Council has a lot of information for anyone researching a franchise.  Go to Franchise Council of Australia.

FranchiseED also has lots of useful information and courses for prospective franchise owners.